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Here are some things we've been working on:

   SP-600   to see some of the SP-600 projects
   BC-779/SP-210LX   Hammarlund Receiver
   HX-500  Hammarlund SSB Transmitter
   Hammarlund HQ-series panel bezel  service method

    I am also involved in  THE HAMMARLUND HISTORIAN Website

        It is down at this time (5/31/19) but work is in progress. hlogo-1-s.jpg - 2.2 K

SX-28   the SX-28 project

SX-42   the finished SX-42 project

HT-33(b?)    HT-33 homebrew repackage

HT-37   the HT-37 power supply info & HT-32 comparison

SW-3   the 1930's National SW-3 Receiver

Stancor ST-202-A  1947 transmitter

Collins 75A2  some refurb. work for Sonny, W3ADD

Collins R-388 Receiver  s/n 1005  

Collins R-388 Receiver  s/n 495  

Collins R-388 Receiver  s/n 58

TUBE  a neat tube

Swan  500CX transceiver

Valiant  the Johnson Valiant transmitter

Gates BC-1T    AM transmitter (which is not mine)

Filter Capacitor Rebuild  SP-600, R-388, Drake R-4B, etc.  

Drake R-4a (late version)  

Drake TR-4 Manual

Drake 6146 mod info

Homebrew "DX-100" clone

Soviet Test Eqpt   an interesting item

SideLot   to see our yard work (non-radio)

URT-23B Big transmitter

E.H. Scott RCH and SLR-F receivers

Sonar  SRT-120 transmitter

BlueGoose  Blue Goose, 1928 Catboat

Sailing  some shots of our other hobby

My Grandfather , a self made success

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