R4A s/n 6850G

This is one of the latest of the R-4A's.  There were two versions, and some modifications during each version run.  "Early" ones ran up to about s/n 3300 to 3500, "late" ones sometime after, and are s/n's up to about 7000 are known.  The very late ones are close to the same as the R-4B.  More info can be found at http://www.zerobeat.net/drakelist/r4asurvey.html

R4A1F.JPG (98086 bytes) R4A2F.JPG (100929 bytes) R4A3F.JPG (85117 bytes)
below & above chassis.  Top has been cleaned by dry brushing the dust away & rubbing with bits of rag, then swabbing with naptha/mineral oil, a light mix that mostly evaporates but leaves a light film of oil to retard oxidation.

R4A4F.JPG (68733 bytes) R4A5F.JPG (51816 bytes)  R4A6F.JPG (58853 bytes)
Front panel, no blemishes noted.  When I was finishing up with it I realized that the dial was a little tight turning, would not spin with finger pressure.  I found that there must have been some dried lube in the main shaft/metal gear bearing area.  I flushed it out with alcohol and reassembled it.  It's much freer now. 

R4A7F.JPG (70274 bytes) R4A8F.JPG (70478 bytes)
Top cover has a few small nicks and scrapes.  Nothing major, probably not warranting a paint overspray.  It has original Drake feet on the bottom cover, the rear ones are short, so it tilts up at a slight angle.

The receiver has been completely aligned and is operating well. 
The 28.5 band position has a crystal for 28.0 to 28.5 coverage.
The xtal calibrator will not come any closer than about 200cycles to WWV at 10.0.  It has a new xtal which must be a little off. 


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