Sonar SRT-120

(this is not my unit)

AM & CW Transmitter, 80-10 meter band switching table top - vintage 1953
- 100 watts high level AM, 120 watts CW
- TVI proofed
- front panel all circuits
- PI-network output
- extra band switch position for 160 or 6 meters
- two XTAL or VFO provision. 
- tube complement - 12BY7 osc./mult., 12BY7 buffer/mult., 9903/5984A final, (2) 6CB6 speech, 12AT7 audio driver, (2) 6L6 P-P modulator, 0A2 vr, 6AQ5 keyer.
Frequency range: 10-80 m 
Mode: AM/CW 
RF Power output: AM: 100 W, CW: 120 W 
Voltage: 6.3 V and 600 VDC 
Current drain: 6.4 A @ 6.3 V, 350 mA @ 600 VDC 
Impedance: ? ohms 
Dimensions (W*H*D): 12 x 7.5 x 8.25" 
Weight: ? Kg 
Manufactured: USA, 195x-195x 
Other: XTAL. VFO option
New price 1952 in the US: $198.50 (less XTAL and PSU)

the following pix are my unit 

sonar2.JPG (72185 bytes) sonar5.JPG (47230 bytes) MVC-008F.JPG (59008 bytes)

MVC-013F.JPG (55297 bytes)

An 829B tube on left, a 9903/5984A, a previous owner had cut out the hole thru the chassis to allow clearance for the wider 829B, vs the original 9903/5984A.  The latter is a better tube, and was used by the factory in the original.


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