I got this in late 2002 from a friend of mine in Gulfport, Miss, who said it came from a Russian communications truck.  I think I've heard that the Russians have sold a lot of military surplus in the last few years, maybe this was from that.  I've taken it to most of the hamfests I've been to in the past 6-8 months, and it has attracted quite a bit of attn, but little info until Raleigh in April.

    One young fellow stopped by at the Raleigh 'fest (April, 2003) & told me a bit about it, he is Soviet, and also a ham, so shed some light.  He says it's a test amplifier, with at least 2 input lines, controls for adjusting gain (I think), plus switchable resistances, perhaps loads?  He noted that the small tubes (inside the top hinged cover) were not in sockets, but had wired leads soldered in, and said perhaps it was from aircraft use in a high vibration environment (or mobile, I suppose).  Also adding to the aircraft thought was that it operates from 220v 400cy pwr.  I don't remember everything he pointed out, and would be very happy to hear anything you might be able to add.


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