Gates BC-1T 1kw AM Transmitter

This transmitter was in use at a local AM radio station until early 2001.

I was considering its purchase in late '01, however a better "opportunity" came along.  I do have a copy of the manual.

pictures have been lost, hopefully temporarily.  These small ones are all to be found at the moment, maybe the originals will be found from a backup (2/28/05)



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gates.1.jpg (38332 bytes)  gates.2.jpg (31617 bytes)  wpe12.jpg (31812 bytes)  gates.3.jpg (35331 bytes) 

     Label                 Front -1                   Front -2                  Pwr Supply          

 gates.4.jpg (39487 bytes)  gates.5.jpg (43725 bytes)  gates.6.jpg (46997 bytes)  wpeE.jpg (42863 bytes)

                Audio & Driver                    Output ckt       Dummy Load

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