E. H. Scott Model RCH and SLR-F Receivers


Initial pix of my RCH after quick cleanup.

RCH1c2.jpg (67452 bytes) 

RCH97.JPG (70045 bytes) RCH96.JPG (75207 bytes) 

RCH4c.jpg (113132 bytes)  RCH90c.jpg (97514 bytes) RCH8c.jpg (127920 bytes) RCH94c.jpg (147455 bytes) RCH92.JPG (76635 bytes) RCH93.JPG (79535 bytes) 

2 "rough" SLR-F tags from Mike, WA4DLF

SLRFtagsr.jpg (130514 bytes)

Since I don't have any front tag for my RCH, I may clean these up and use them, particularly since there seems to be no electrical differences.


The following 3 RCH pix are from an ebay auction, it. 2246611093, ended 5/29/04, sold for $325. 



The following 3 SLR-F pix are from the "LA5KI HAM SHACK" website, http://www.qsl.net/la5ki/org.htm

slrf_1.jpg (70810 bytes)


not sure where this came from


The following 2 SLR-F pix are from A. Allen, 5/31/04


The following 2 SLR-12B pix are from Bob, W2AMI

SLR-12B.jpg (38967 bytes)     




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