"NIB" Swan 500CX

This Swan 500CX 500 watt single sideband transceiver, s/n 611352, was built in November 1970. I only  operated it briefly, for testing. It is in AS-NEW, PRISTINE, condition. The 500CX has several improved features from earlier 500 versions, such as improved ALC, AGC and product detector, and better sideband rejection. Crystal calibrator has both 100 & 25kc. It originally sold for $565, plus another $95 for the power supply.

click on the "thumbnails" for a bigger view.

500cxf1.jpg (67712 bytes)  500cxbk.jpg (58017 bytes)  500cxf2.jpg (61804 bytes)  500cxf3.jpg (74012 bytes)  500cxf4.jpg (66571 bytes) 

There are slightly visible pressure marks in the wrinkle finish, where the original Styrofoam packing corner pads were pressing. In the shot from the back, one of these looks like a tape mark, it is not, note the front & top views.  The light spots in the pix on the edges are flash reflections in the wrinkle finish, not scratches. The inside is bright, no evidence of corrosion or moisture. I have not removed the cover.

 500cxf5.jpg (65626 bytes)  500cxlf.jpg (66606 bytes)  500cxrt.jpg (66443 bytes)  500cxtop.jpg (79949 bytes) 

I have tested it, and operated it briefly to make 2 contacts. All functions are operating, it develops full output power on all bands. 

 500PSfrt.jpg (56626 bytes)  500PSbk.jpg (60485 bytes)  500PStop.jpg (60990 bytes)  

The 117XC s/n 0 18073 power supply is of the same vintage, and was likewise in it's original box and wrapping. After checkout it developed a problem which appears to be in the filament winding of the transformer.

500xps.jpg (46760 bytes)  box1.jpg (44975 bytes)  box2.jpg (43529 bytes)  box3.jpg (48934 bytes)

This radio and P.S. were in their original boxes, with plastic wrapping when I obtained them  in May, 01.  The plastic had been opened, so it had been inspected, but other than that, it has been in the box since it was originally purchased, to the best of my knowledge, and that of the previous owner's daughter.

It was subsequently sold to a non-ham collector/SWL, who appreciates boatanchors.

Thanks for looking at this gem.  I was tempted to keep it, but have more "boatanchor" radios than I can easily put on the air to enjoy, without a lot of moving around, dis-connecting, connecting, etc.  I own old radios for the enjoyment of working on them and working other people with them on the air.

Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
BoatAnchors appreciated here

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