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Knot Home II, our newest purchase, October, 2001, at her new home, Duck Creek, from Oriental.  This is our 3rd Compac sailboat, a 27, I guess we like them.

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3 pix, reefed, thanks to Antonia & Howard, 2002

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Broad Reach, 2002,  Pat at the helm                              Oriental Harbor, 2002

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    no wind, 2003          Hurricane Isabel, 2003

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Autumn, 2003, thanks to Jon & Dolly

Other boats from Duck Creek

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Jon & Dolly on Second Wind, April, 2004

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Aluva, Oct. 03         Pegasus, Oct. 03             Take Off, Aug. 04



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Tad, on Sprite, Oct. '04, not much wind.

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Frank, with 4-footed friend, on Raven, Oct. '04

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New pix, June, 2005

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Tad on a windier day, reefed.

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The "Osprey" notorious 'hybrid' military aircraft (in this area at least), it rotated the wing/rotor assembly just after these pix were taken, and went into more horizontal flight. 

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