Hallicrafters SX-42  s/n HA-68803

   I have been completely through this radio.  The cabinet was bead blasted and repainted, the panel was stripped, painted and silk-screened, so both are essentially like new.  The power transformer has been rewound professionally, a beautiful job.  All the brown waxy paper capacitors have been changed, many of the plastic tubulars also, however those that were removed were found to be OK when tested under voltage, so all were not replaced.  The chassis does have some areas with stabilized rust, and the dial has a rubbed mark on one band, about the only negative things on it.  The S-meter is conservative, about like my SX-28.   Reception on the std FM broadcast band is excellent, and it produces great sound from an R-42 speaker..
   The SX-42 is one of the hardest receivers there is to work on, in my opinion.  About the same as the SX-28, which I have also done.  They're different but both tough.  It's easier to get to the stuff in the bandswitch area if the side panel is removed, but it's still not easy by any means. There are many of the brown paper covered capacitors buried in there, and some resistors which have often aged to higher values.  I didn't take any pix during the process, I don't think I had a digicam way back when I started.  I must be a glutton for punishment, as I have an SX-28A (supposedly a little easier), another SX-42, and an SX-62 (nearly the same as the SX-42), all awaiting my attention.  

   I don't like the resolution I'm (not) getting from my digicam so have taken a lot of pix trying for some good one.  Note that color rendition varies with lighting.  I think these first 7 pix are the best, but I've included some more, below, for further looks.  

 015F.JPG (63858 bytes) 017F.JPG (60310 bytes) 004F.JPG (55758 bytes)  011F.JPG (55895 bytes) MVC-016F.JPG (60015 bytes) 

SX42pnl2.JPG (59246 bytes)  SX42pnl1.JPG (54141 bytes)


 007F.JPG (48065 bytes)   MVC-014F.JPG (42386 bytes) 006F.JPG (51093 bytes)  MVC-013F.JPG (44703 bytes) 012F.JPG (46404 bytes) 

013F.JPG (57600 bytes) SX42-1.JPG (44189 bytes) SX42-2.JPG (54186 bytes) SX42-3.JPG (54095 bytes) SX42-4.JPG (56174 bytes)


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