Produced in 1947 in response to demand for a bigger transmitter, with CW only.  Previous Stancor transmitters were small, up to 60w, some had AM capability. 

This one has a tube lineup of  6V6, 6L6, 811 final, plus 2 rectifiers. Puts out over 100w on 40 and 80, the only bands I have tried.   I now have a 20m coil, will try soon.

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Operating table in the shop, with Drake 2-B & Heath VF-1
I've used this particular setup several times, in the "Classic Radio Exchange" and for general QSO's, mostly on 40 meters.  It always gets good signal reports.

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The previous owner liked to paint things red

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Keep them tubes glowing

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B & W  40 BVL coil

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